Anyone for coffee?

Coffee has come a long way since Tony & Sharon shared a slow burning romance over a series of Nescafé Gold Blend instant coffees first poured in 1987. It’s amazing to think that a quarter of a century ago, coffee was a catalyst for TV romance and that Gold Blend’s iconic adverts created some of the most memorable moments in British television history. As far as ad campaigns go, they don’t come much more successful, viewing figures peaked at thirty million, the tabloid press had the dishy couple as front-page news, and as a result sales jumped 20 per cent within 18 months of the ads first being shown. By the time the campaign ended after a decade, sales of Gold had risen 70 per cent.


For the benefit of younger readers, who haven’t the foggiest about what we’re affectionately reminiscing over… click here

Anyway, times have changed but whilst our viewing habits and interest in TV adverts may have diminished, our appetite for coffee certainly hasn’t. It’s become the most popular drink in the world and estimated that two billion cups are consumed every single day, and for some it’s the vital ingredient in helping them survive the 9-5 slog.

Whether you like it in the form of an Espresso or an Americano, a Latte or a Cappuccino or even in your favourite Martini, there’s a variety to suit everyone and we’re no different. During the course of our enormous building project, we’ve frequented our fabulous neighbours at Costa Coffee in Bridgend a lot and it’s got our coffee juices flowing at Nolton Corner.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching into different companies, beans and blends, subsequently swallowing countless cups of the black stuff in the progress. Anyway, we’d like to introduce you to our coffee supplier… the wonderful and passionate Clifton Coffee Company

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