Beer, my dear, is here.

So far, we’ve written blogs on wine, flirted with martini ideas and introduced you to our coffee suppliers Clifton Coffee. But if you don’t like wine or martinis and want something a little stiffer than caffeine, then this might wet your whistle. It won’t be long before we’re open… Our toilets are in the process of being tiled and our lovely granite bar is arriving soon, but today was an important one. Our six craft beer taps have been installed and we’re very excited. So we’d like to introduce you to some of the delights we’ll be pouring through them, and tell you a little more about our beer intentions.


Our beer taps at Nolton Corner. Soon to bring you delicious liquid nourishment.

We’ve done something never seen before in Bridgend, possibly even in Wales, but relatively common in craft beer houses across America and now in London: All of our taps are non branded and on the back of the bar. This might be a bit of a shock to some, or a shining light to others, but let’s explain a few of the reasons why…

  • Firstly, this dramatically reduces the length of our lines to a mere matter of feet (rather than tens of meters) meaning beer will spend most of its life either swimming around untarnished in its barrel, or sat in your glass awaiting pilgrimage to your lips… so ultimately, it’ll stay fresher for longer and subsequently taste better.
  • We have no obligation to any brewery, so we don’t need their branded fonts (aka taps). This means we can chop and change depending on trends and popularity. More importantly it means we can take requests from you and bring in some wondrous tipples from as far afield as we can get our hands on… Whether it be one barrel or dozens!
  • Freeing up the front of our bar removes the barrier between you, our beloved customer and us, your devoted bartender… It also leaves plenty of room for us to make cocktails, open wine and gives you a better view to decide what you fancy next.
  • Finally on a slightly shallower note, we think it looks super cool.

So moving onto what we’ll be pouring. Well we haven’t been so innovative in the creation of our taps in order to fill our lines with unoriginal, widely available beers… so please don’t expect to encounter any mass produced fizzy lagers or tasteless ciders. We’ll be serving a selection of the finest craft beer you will find in Wales, ranging from locally produced to internationally sourced and we’ll constantly be rotating a series of guests. We plan on hosting beers from (in no particular order) Otley, The Celt Experience, Pipes, HopCraft, Thornbridge, Dark Star, Magic Rock, Camden (stop for breath) Meantime, Brewdog, Brooklyn, Flying Dog, Sam Adams, Anchor, Blue Moon and many more.


Two of our taps however, will be permanently reserved for FUBAR (4.4% Pale Ale) from our wonderful friends at Tiny Rebel Brewing Company and the delightful Spanish imported lager Estrella Damm* (4.6% abv)

Let Tony Naylor of The Guardian explain a little more about craft beer in layman’s terms here and a marvellous London beer house, Euston Tap elaborate on why some beers at Nolton Corner will be more expensive than others, below.


Some of our beers can be a bit pricier than the ones you typically see in pubs, especially those from the USA. These beers are crafted with the finest ingredients and are therefore more expensive to begin with, and on top of that, importing them is a costly undertaking. There are shipping costs to consider, and the ABV on many of the beers is high, so the duty is also accordingly high. However, we do feel that these beers are some of the best in the world and are absolutely worth the price – some of the best wines in the world will easily run more than £10 a glass.

Euston Tap, London

* FYI Estrella Damm produced one of our favourite ever ‘feel-good’ summertime TV commercials. The tune is called ‘Summercat’ by Swedish indie band ‘Billie the vision & The Dancers’. Enjoy…



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