NC Kitchen & Boozy Milkshakes

For those of you who don’t already know, it gives us enormous pleasure in announcing that the Nolton Corner kitchen is now open and serving great food.

It’s been a long time in the making and taken a while coming, but we wanted to make sure everything was a perfect as possible before the first tasty morsels made their way onto a plate.



We serve brunch and lunch all day til 6pm. Ranging from breakfast burritos and eggs benedict/royale (pictured), to our Nolton Club sandwich.

From 5pm we offer Sharing Boards and a Grazing Menu, full of delights like calamari and meatballs as well as patatas bravas and roasted peppers.

You can find our menus here on our website or just click HERE for a short-cut.

At the moment, we’re closed every Sunday & Monday. But as soon as this changes, we’ll let you know!

“But what about desserts?!” we hear you say… Well we’ve thrown caution to the wind in that we aren’t strictly serving desserts; we’re doing milkshakes… with a twist!IMG_4674

With their sugary taste and creamy texture, milkshakes are typically an innocent dairy delight that transport us straight back to our childhoods. But the nostalgic treat has had a naughty rock ‘n’ roll makeover in recent years. It has, quite frankly, got drunk… And now Nolton Corner is bringing it to Bridgend.

Welcome to the Nolton Corner boozy milkshake, a strictly* adult treat that is making a frothy appearance alongside the launch of our brand new kitchen. We’ve joined the London trendsetters in serving up milkshakes straight out of our very own dairy milk bottles.

Choices include Nolton Nutella, Chocolate, Oreo Mint (pictured) or Strawberry Cone.

*NB we can also do booze-less shakes for the designated driver or those dining under the age of 18. Alcohol free, same great taste, just ask.

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