NC: Q & A

After the chaos of our opening week followed by a bank holiday weekend, we’ve had a chance to sit down and recover. So now we’d like to tell you a little bit more about us by answering some of your questions.



Where are you?

Short answer: First Floor. 4 Nolton Street. CF31 1DU. On the corner of Caroline Street & Nolton Street. Opposite Watts & Morgan. Or CLICK HERE

Long answer: Through a small, unassuming and almost hidden doorway on the corner of Nolton Street and Caroline Street in Bridgend sits a staircase… At the top of this flight is something new, something we think is very exciting: Introducing Nolton Corner, a brand new bar experience situated in the heart of Bridgend. Formerly a tired, first floor, old office space and once home to the Glamorgan Gazette, ‘NC’ has been transformed entirely and officially launched in May 2014.

Why don’t you have a sign?

Short answer: We’re working on it.

Long answer: The reason we haven’t a sign yet is down to several factors. An element of wanting you all to ‘discover’ us is part of the reason, combined with some indecision regarding design and the timeframe of having one manufactured. We’ll have signage within the next couple of weeks.

What’s this about a dress code, in Bridgend?!

Short answer: Dress to impress. Smart casual is fine. Feel free to take a look at our ‘House Rules & Encouraged Etiquette’

Long answer: Dress as if you’re going out for dinner, and you’ve nothing to worry about. We operate a dress code and behavioural policy… and on Friday and Saturday nights we have door staff, who implement it on our behalf. Our door staff are professionals, but they aren’t the Fashion Police so please don’t be offended if they don’t like your attire. This isn’t a campaign to make Bridgend wear tuxedos and cocktail dresses 24/7 but rather an encouragement to have our guests dress to impress. We’ve put a lot of effort into creating Nolton Corner, so we’d like you to make a little bit of effort to come and visit us.

Are you going to have live music?

Short answer: We have a premises licence which does enable us to host live music. So we will be having entertainment in the future.

Long answer: We haven’t finalised any plans for live music as of yet. We’re currently working on ideas based around acoustic acts and DJ sets. We also have ideas in the pipeline for life drawing, stand-up comedy and champagne tasting classes (to name but a few). A lot of artists have enquired about performing here, and if you’d like to offer your services then please drop us an email rather than a phone call.

Are you serving food?

Short answer: Not yet, we will be before the end of the year.

Long answer: The NC kitchen will launch later this year and will be serving a fantastic array of locally sourced sharing platters and grazing plates to compliment the wonderful fusion of beverages on offer. Nolton Corner won’t become a restaurant as we’re here to compliment the Bridgend dining scene. We have a few things to take care of first and the kitchen is phase two, but food is planned to be an important part of the Nolton Corner journey.

Why don’t you serve (insert drink here) at Nolton Corner?

Short answer: Unfortunately we can’t have everyone’s favourite drink. Feel free to suggest yours though and we’ll see what we can do. Likewise, if we can’t make your most favouritest, favouritest, bestest, best cocktail with an umbrella in the world you’ve ever had, ever… then we’ll try and perfect it in time for your next visit.

Long answer: There are plenty of places where you can enjoy great real ale, popular lagers and ciders around Bridgend, in fact we often enjoy frequenting them on our days off. However at Nolton Corner, we’re focused on blending high quality with relaxed atmosphere and quirky pedigree… Imagine the lovechild of a raw speakeasy and a stylish wine society. Our drinks menu has been created to compliment this vibe and features a hand picked selection of fine wine and champagne alongside distinctive cocktails, not to mention some of the finest craft beer you’ll find from Wales and beyond. We’re open from 10am and serve great coffee from Clifton Coffee Roasters all day, we always have Tiny Rebel & Estrella Damm on draught and have a wonderfully diverse cocktail menu.

Is your drinks menu online?

Short answer: No

Long answer: We don’t currently have our menus available online, but we’ll be doing so very soon. They’ll be going online during our next website update and we’ll put them up on Facebook too. In the meantime, we can only apologise for any inconvenience.


A huge thanks to everyone who’s joined the NC journey to date. And if you haven’t been to see us yet, then we look forward to welcoming you soon.

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