What’s keeping you awake?

If you’re like us, then you’ll have been caught in the inevitable (rabbit in headlights) moment when you aren’t quite sure what to drink… “What kind of mood are you in?”, “What did you have last time?”, “Have you eaten yet?”, “Are you driving?”, “What’s everyone else drinking?”, “Who’s round is it?”, “What’s good here?”, the list quite honestly, could be endless.

Well if you’re ever caught in that moment at Nolton Corner, have no fear… We’ve the drink for you. It’s not actually on our everyday drinks menu, but by simply reading this blog you’re instantly at an advantage over any other indecisive sole. You could almost class yourself as a secret agent. After all, James Bond would never have to stop and think about a preference in tipple and whether or not to have it stirred or shaken. So quite frankly, neither should you!


Everyone has a favourite Bond*. And if you’ve ever met someone who claims that they don’t, well then quite frankly they’re either from North Korea or they tell porky pies for a living… If Daniel Craig happens to be yours, or you’re perhaps a closet Giancarlo Giannini fanatic,¬†then the video clip embedded below is for your eyes only.


3 measures of gin

1 measure of vodka

1/2 measure of kina lillet

Shaken well

Served with a large, thin slice of lemon

Six of them.



In Bridgend we’ll all have to imagine that we’re ‘double o’ agents unable to sleep on a Virgin Atlantic business class flight. (If you really wish to engage in the narrative of this blog any further, we can provide sleep masks and blankets at Nolton Corner. But in order to help our staff… please ensure you have your seat-belt fastened at all times, please also be aware that your nearest emergency exit could be behind you and obviously, that smoking is not permitted anywhere on board)


*FYI Roger Moore. And if you’re asking ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ (1974)

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